Dry Mouth Solutions and Remedies

How annoying is dry mouth? There are many possible causes of dry mouth. It may be related to a medication you’re taking, or it may be related to a medical condition you’re suffering from. While there are many possible reasons that your mouth may be dry, you’re obviously only concerned with one thing. How can this be fixed?

The first solution is water with electrolytes. The electrolytes help to regulate the enzymes in your mouth, and end up adding a nice little boost of energy to the area. Your mouth needs this.

The second recommendation would be buying a product like Biotene. There are a handful of products out there on the market and you should choose the one you’re most comfortable with, but I’ve personally had the most success with Biotene. I still use it to this day, and I can say that I never really suffer from dry mouth symptoms anymore. A nice, patented process really attacks mouth dryness at its root and makes it a thing of the past.

Biotene Mouthwash Was Developed For Dry Mouth and Foul Odor Issues

Biotene mouthwash was developed for people who get foul mouth odor from having a dry mouth. This mouthwash does not have alcohol in it, as most other mouth rinses do. The alcohol that is in a mouthwash will cause you to have a dryer mouth after you rinse and it is what gives you the sting when you rinse.

There are four natural enzymes in biotene mouthwash, these enzymes attack the bacteria in your mouth. Bad breath is not the only thing that happens when the bacteria in your mouth are allowed to grow. Too much bacteria can lead to mouth sores, tooth decay or sore throats. By rinsing with biotene, you are solving more than one problem.

Plaque in your mouth comes from having too much bacteria, you can get rid of the plaque and the bacteria by using biotene mouthwash. It has ingredients that break down the plaque and bacteria that causes it, this will leave you with cleaner teeth and fresher breath. If you rinse your mouth before using your tongue scraper it will b easier to remove the plaque film that is on your tongue.

If you are in the hospital or told to stay in bed using biotene to rinse out your mouth will give you peace of mind knowing that you are at least killing bacteria even if you can’t brush. So until you can get back to your normal hygiene of brushing, flossing and using your tongue scraper having biotene mouthwash to rinse with is perfect to keep your mouth bacteria free.